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Bible Study is back! Our podcast for the first four weeks of November will give us a chance to study four biblical stories that are associated with the season of Advent. Through these stories we will take a deep dive into faith, hope, love and joy…and prepare our hearts for the celebration of Christmas! To register for this Bible study, and receive more information about it, please visit our website:

A live Q&A with The Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, speaking about climate change and how we all can make a difference!

In this episode, Ed and Leslie discuss the concept of "adaptive leadership". How RHCC has been exploring this idea within worship and as church leadership.

Jim Antal is a denominational leader, climate activist, author and public theologian. Hundreds of churches are reading his 2018 book, CLIMATE CHURCH, CLIMATE WORLD. He has preached on climate change since 1988 in over 300 settings and has engaged in non-violent civil disobedience on numerous occasions. He currently serves as Special Advisor on Climate Justice to the General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ.


We're back! Ed and Leslie check in about life in pandemic-times and RHCC's upcoming worship plans.

Today we are joined via Zoom by Director of Children's Ministries Jenny Byxbee, to discuss how the quarantine is affecting her ministry.

In today’s episode, I’m joined by one of our very own members: Pat Milo! She came by the office to discuss a new program here called “Chat ’N’ Chew”. Enjoy!

In this episode, Ed shares the new Round Hill Reads book: Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong. How can we really understand compassion? How can it help us in our daily lives? Answers to these questions and more on today’s Round Hill Radio.

In this episode, Ed and I discuss the topic of the new bible study at Round Hill Community Church: the gospel of Matthew. What is a gospel? How does this book differ from the other gospels in the bible? And, for a bonus round: what is “Q”? Answers to these questions and more on today’s Round Hill Radio.

S3 E9: Today I sat down with our fantastic administrative assistant Tania Priatka to talk about Christmas on Round Hill. This annual event at Round Hill Community Church offers up an opportunity for us to enjoy time with one another, eat great food, and have a lot of fun! Please join us on December 6th at 6:00pm in the Community House. Tickets can be purchased on

S3 E8: If the summary of your job description could basically read: “do good”, how does that affect a person’s life? Leslie sits down with Pastors Ed & Dan to talk about how they approach ministry and strive for balance. 

SE E7: Today Ed sat down with Nancy Going, Executive Director of Vibrant Faith. Vibrant Faith is an non-profit which partners with houses of worship to pursue innovation for the church’s processes of faith formation.

S3E6: One of the biggest ways a church can be a Force for Good is through Outreach… but how does that happen? Today we talk about reaching out.

S3E5: For today’s episode, we’re joined by our friend Leslie Gregory to discuss the book “A New Earth” by Eckart Tolle. She tells us about her journey into the book and how it inspired her to share this work with others. 

S3E4: It’s time for another #askEd! This time, he’s answering the question: What does it mean to be a Community Church?

S3E3: In today’s episode, Dan and Leslie discuss the behind-the-scene preparation of this Sunday’s Blessing of the Animals worship service and how this different format impacts our planning and approach. 

S3E2: In today’s episode, we continue our conversation about how to be a Force for Good, this time joined by Dan Haugh. We ask the question: how can we be Jedi agents of change? (you’ll see!)

S3E1: In this new season of Round Hill Radio, we’re learning how to be a Force for Good. What does that look like and how can we make a positive impact in our world, in ways both big and small?

Rev. Dr. Von Clemans is a retired PC(USA) pastor/educator who most recently served 18 years as associate pastor in adult faith formation ministries at Myers Park Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC.  He currently serves as an instructor for Vibrant Faith Institute’s Leading Faith Formation online course and as a congregational coach for Creating a Culture of Calling, a Lilly Endowment funded initiative by Vibrant Faith Ministries. His recent doctoral studies focused on educational ministry and technology. His passion is helping congregations, educators, and pastors strengthen adult education/faith formation ministries and in helping them make appropriate use of technology in enhancing ministry.  

Season 2, Episode 11: At the beginning of the year, we started out with questions about what it means to be called. How has that evolved over the year?

Season 2, Episode 10: Singing the faith is an essential part of growing the faith: let’s talk about hymns!

Season 2, Episode 9: The second of a two-part series in which we're sharing stories from a trip to the Holy Land! On this episode, Leslie is joined by team members Christine Boies, Joe Huley, and Caroline Lazzara for a fun episode of story-telling!

Season 2, Episode 8: The first in a two-part series all about RHCC's trip to the Holy Land! In this episode, Pastor Dan shares his insights, experiences, and challenges from this memorable trip.

Season 2, Episode 7: Today we welcome Adam Smedberg from Church World Service, an organization committed to transforming communities around the globe through just and sustainable responses to hunger, poverty, displacement and disaster.

Season 2, Episode 6: For centuries, people have walked their way to better health and greater wisdom. So, on today’s show, we will explore the spiritual benefits of walking our way home. 

Season 2, Episode 5: Today is a special live episode with author and theologian Tony Jones. Tony is the author of "Did God Kill Jesus? Searching for Love in History’s Most Famous Execution", is theologian-in-residence at Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis, and teaches theology at Fuller Theological Seminary and United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. Tony serves as a senior acquisitions editor at Fortress Press, curating the Theology for the People line of books and has developed an iPhone app called Ordain Thyself. For more information, visit:

Season 2, Episode 4: We started this podcast with a “simple” goal: to provide our listeners with high quality content that stimulates curiosity about faith and encourages them to be a force for good in the world. How do you think we’re doing? We’re podcasting about podcasting today!

Season 2, Episode 3: Our first Round Hill Radio LIVE! We were joined by Sarah Drummond, Dean of Andover Newton Theological Seminary. She shares with us the story of how ANTS came to be at Yale and how that challenge shaped everyone involved. 


Season 2, Episode 2: To opt-in or opt-out? This choice governs so much of what fills our days. We invite our listeners to join our Lenten experience, beginning Monday, March 11! Weekly, you will receive directly in your email inbox a personal video message from Rev. Ed or Rev. Dan. These messages will reflect on how we can grow throughout Lent, what actions we can take to better ourselves and our world, and what this “Lent” thing is all about! To join the conversation, please visit and click on “Opt-In to Lent”!

Season 2, Episode 1: On today’s episode, we take a look at what it means to get out of our comfort zones and take a dive into the deep end of human experience.

Episode 21: What do you want to be when you grow up? How is that we discover purpose and direction for our life? Let’s find out how to call all years good.

Episode 20: On today’s episode, we welcome Dan Haugh and Maria Montalbano to discuss the church’s recent trip to the Lakota Sioux reservation in South Dakota. If you enjoy this episode, we invite you to join us for a special time of worship on Sunday morning, September 23rd at 10am, where some of the students we mentioned will be sharing their stories and experiences from the trip. 

Episode 19: Today’s episode is a special edition of Round Hill Radio! We welcome back Lisa Wynne Salvatore who has created a guided meditation just for us. This is a great introduction to meditation for anyone who was curious about how to get started after her wonderful interview with Ed on the last episode. 


For those of you who listen while driving in the car or exercising, I would encourage you to save this episode for when you can sit quietly and enjoy this very special time.

Episode 18: Today’s guest, Lisa Wynne Salvatore, is nationally licensed and certified in the field of Alternative Wellness Management, fusing formal studies of nutrition and allied health sciences with physiognomy, aromatherapy, massage therapy and aesthetics. 


Redefining health and dietary advice, Lisa's philosophy is about personally discovering what nourishes you, what feeds you and ultimately what makes your life extraordinary.


Episode 17: Today’s guest is David Rabin, CEO of the Greenwich United Way. The Greenwich United Way’s mission is to identify unmet local health, educational and self-sufficiency needs, raise awareness and support, and work collaboratively with community partners to initiate solutions and implement programs that have a lasting and positive impact. We welcome David Rabin. 


Episode 16: Jenny Byxbee is the Director of Children's Ministries for Round Hill Community Church. She has been with the church since September 2016, and oversees the nursery to fifth grade Children's Education program. What Jenny most enjoys about her work is being with the young people and hearing what is in their hearts. She feels strongly that we have as much to learn from our youngest members as we do from our eldest members.


When Jenny is not working with us at Round Hill, she is the Youth Services Bureau Administrator with the Town of Greenwich. She also cares deeply about many charities and groups in town and is one of the founding members of the Greenwich Sentinel foundation as well as a facilitator with the Junior League of Greenwich “Positively More” program.


Episode 15: The call to be vulnerable is a key element in a life worth living. But what exactly does it have to do with the way we practice our faith and the spirit in which we practice our faith? Let’s find out!

Episode 14: Today’s podcast is a reflection on the book “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. What life lessons can be learned from a man who is told he only has a few months to live?

Episode 13: For centuries, faith has shaped art and art has shaped faith. As we think about how we practice our faith, What does it mean to nurture the spirit through the practice of looking at art & making art? We will consider how art feeds the imagination and brings us closer to God.

Episode 12: This week we are joined by incredible storyteller Valerie Tutson. She shares with us the transformative power of stories and how they can shrink the world and bring us together!

Episode 11: After 5 years as Senior Pastor of RHCC, Ed Horstmann will be going on sabbatical this summer. We’ll find out what he plans to do & not to do during this time of rest, reflection and renewal. 

Episode 10: We welcome Reverend Kristine Eggert, Executive Director of God Before Guns, which is a Cleveland, Ohio-based multi-faith coalition of individuals and faith communities working to reduce gun violence. Her gun violence activism has brought her into many faith communities, the Statehouse in Columbus, and the Halls of Congress. This episode was recorded two weeks before the terrible events in Parkland, Florida which is why you will not hear it mentioned. We are so grateful to Pastor Kris for joining us via Skype for this conversation.

Episode 9: Ed and Leslie are joined by Associate Pastor Dan Haugh! The team discusses how the faith of our young people has been affected by social media and technology and how we can create moments of meaning in our disconnected world.

Episode 8: On today’s episode, Ed and Leslie talk about “practicing our faith”, which is the title of our current sermon series, going on through the end of April. Ed is going to dig into the detail of what it means to put faith into action.

Episode 7: Ed chats with Bryan Nurnberger, resident and founder of Simply Smiles; a not-for-profit organization that provides bright futures for impoverished children, their families, and their communities. Simply Smiles aims to be impactful, sustainable, scalable, and successful.

Episode 6: Ed and I welcome The Reverend Stephen Holton, Rector of Christ Church New Haven in a conversation about worship during the seasons of Advent and Christmas... how it can be so much more and keeping that pesky stress away!

Episode 5: Ed and Leslie discuss the arrival of Advent... the start of a new church year. What does that mean for us as we start (or in some cases, continue) to navigate the increasingly hectic Christmas season?

Episode 4: Finishing the series on Saint Paul, we discuss Paul's transformation from Saul to Paul and how taking this time to dive deep into the letters has offered a new perspective.

Episode 3: In our second of three conversations about Saint Paul, Ed and Leslie discuss freedom; what it meant to the early Christians and what it could mean for us today.

Episode 2: Ed and Leslie discuss St. Paul: how his message, image, and reputation has changed throughout the centuries and what it means for us today.






Episode 1: In this episode, we discuss the who, what, when, where, and why, of Round Hill Radio, the new podcast from Round Hill Community Church.