Winter - Spring Bible Study

At Sea with God: A Five-Part Bible Study

11:30 a.m., Meeting Room
Third Sunday — January through June

Sometimes it is a beautiful thing to be at sea or out on a lake. But not so much so when the skies darken and the waves become choppy.

Although many of the great Biblical stories take place on dry and holy ground, there are still others that depict people of faith in relationship with raging seas. The first disciples of Jesus were fishermen and some of their journeys together brought them into deep and dangerous waters. And Paul, who planted so many communities of faith following the death of Jesus, had firsthand experience of being shipwrecked as he traveled across the Mediterranean Sea to fulfill his work.

On the third Sunday of each month from January through June we will devote our Bible Study to an exploration of biblical sea stories. Together we will see how these open water adventures reveal the faith of God’s people as they brought to their world a Spirit-centered way of life. And we will consider how our faith can become more resilient and robust as we learn from those who have navigated stormy seas in the company of God.

Join the journey, and come aboard!

January 20        Into the Depths (Genesis 1:1-5 and Mark 1:9-13)

February 17      In Deep Water (Luke 5:1-11)

March 17          Storm Stiller (Matthew 9:23-27)

May 19             Walking on Water (Matthew 14:22-33)

June 16            Out of the Depths (Acts 27:1-44)