Why We Give

Sometimes our worship service is unconventional. We bless the animals who are so important in our families. We celebrate the backpacks and bicycles that help us explore the larger world. We have a service on the second Sunday that is less formal and brings guest speakers on a variety of topics. Our church family is growing.

Our church family comes from all over – not just Greenwich but even an hour away. We come from many faiths and many places. This church brings us together as a family. We enjoy visiting in the parlor after morning worship and get together for suppers and the Christmas fair in the Community House. Subgroups are formed from time to time – men’s group, women’s fellowship, book club, the Green Team. For wherever two or three are gathered  . . .

As a church family, we contribute to others through Inspirica, Neighbor to Neighbor, the Christmas Angel tree, the day at the beach, and work on an Indian reservation. And the church family gives back to us. In the words of St. Francis, “It is in giving that we receive.”

In time our children grow up and may move away. In time you may find yourself down to two or even one in your home. As a family we celebrate our members and grieve when they leave us. But you are not alone. You will always have a family here in our church.

The church is a family for all of us. We need to support it. Just as you care for your child, your parent, your loved one, you care for our church family. Give generously of your time, your talent, and your treasure. As Amos once told Andy in the radio series Amos and Andy, “Cast your bread upon the waters; it will come back in loaves.”