Why We Give

We believe our giving to Round Hill is inspired by three impulses: gratitude, joy, and need. We give in grateful response to the gifts of God and gift of our faith community. Our gifts are a joyful expression of our own spiritual journey and they meet the needs of real people we are called to serve.

We give to support our Church home, built on the faith and hopes of generations before us. It is where we meet, pray, worship, learn, serve, and bond with one another. And from here, we go to serve others.

We are called to give legacy gifts for similar reasons but with a longer look. Bequests sustain the future of this faith community, continuing the path of those before us who built and endowed the Church. We model for our children and grandchildren the joy of giving and that the joy never ends as the needs will ever be with us.

Why I Give, Ward Davol
Good morning! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Ward Davol, not to be confused with “Lord of All,” although I do have the proud distinction of having fathered two baby Jesus’ for our annual Christmas Pageant. I grew up going to Sunday School at Round Hill Community Church some 60+ years ago. It wasn’t located here, where our beautiful campus is today, but at the top of the hill where the First Church of Round Hill is located. Many folks who we see here every Sunday started out at that little church. Leigh Grant who sits up in the balcony on Sundays was one of my classmates.

In the early 1980s, our church separated from the Methodists, who owned the property of the First Church, and we built this lovely sanctuary where you are now sitting. I wasn’t living in Greenwich at the time of the separation and thus missed some of the early days when our congregation met for services in the Community House until this church was built.

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Why I Give, Louisa Stone

I will speak first to you new, young parents who have brought your children here. I don’t know you yet, but I know you want to be part of the Round Hill Church family. You brought your children here to be baptized and all of us vowed that we will help you help them grow in love and understanding. We are all God’s children.

Now your children have gone off to our fine Church School program, led by Jennie Byxbee. Through stories and games, they learn about God, themselves, each other, and the world. As they grow older, they will take part in the worship service. In time they may be confirmed in their faith.

We are learning, too. Our ministers, Ed and Dan, teach us from the scriptures and other readings. The readings, prayers, sermons, hymns, music, and art are tied together. We can all grow in wisdom and faith.

As the children grow older, they can spend Friday evenings with our assistant pastor, Dan Haugh, and we know they are in good hands.

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