Three Psalms for the Long Haul

Autumn Bible Study

11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Meeting Room

October 21:      Psalm 16
November 18:   Psalm 79
December 16:   Psalm 135

The Book of Psalms has been called the prayer book of the Bible. It is a collection of poems and songs assembled over many hundreds of years that express a dynamic relationship with God through all the varied circumstances of life. While the sheer variety of material contained in the psalms resists easy classification, the Biblical scholar, Walter Brueggemann, suggests that most of the psalms tend to represent human experiences of orientation, disorientation, or re-orientation.

In our three-part autumn Bible Study we will explore an example of each of these psalms. The intention is to open a pathway of understanding leading not only to an appreciation of this rich reservoir of spiritual insight, but to a deeper and more vibrant relationship with God.

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