Taras Borovyk, My Journey through Colors

Taras Borovyk, a Ukrainian artist from Upstate New York, will show his oil paintingsfrom September 10 through October 19. Living in the U. S. since 1997, Borovyk has applied the rich background of his Lviv art education and experience in his work as a muralist for elegant homes and commercial environments. His early paintings bear his Ukrainian soul with their strong vibrant colors and shadowy figures.

In recent years, his style has shifted to become more abstracted and decorative. “I do not create art unless it creates itself as I work,” Taras explains. “It could be anything. It is like a ghost that appears when I pick up the brush. Whether I see a doorway or a still life that is abstracted in my view, or remember a piece of music that takes shape on canvas, it guides me through as it develops.” In addition to his work as a muralist, Borovyk has had multiple solo exhibitions and has been highlighted in group shows in New York, Chicago, and Ukraine since 2000.