July 1st The Call of Wisdom, D. Haugh PLAY
June 24th The Parables of Jesus: The Ten Bridesmaids, D. Haugh PLAY
June 17th The Parables of Jesus; The Shrewd Manager, D. Haugh PLAY
June 10th The Parables of Jesus: The Rich Fool, D. Haugh PLAY
June 3rd The Parables of Jesus: The Good Samaritan PLAY
May 27th On Not Losing Heart, R. Ahlberg PLAY
May 13th Wisdom of the Ages: The Parable of the Persistent Widow, D. Haugh PLAY
May 6th Wisdom of the Ages: The Parable of the Talents, D. Haugh PLAY
April 29th Off the Map, E. Horstmann PLAY
April 15th Blessed to Be a Blessing, E. Horstmann PLAY
April 8th Practicing Our Faith: Friendship, D. Haugh PLAY
April 1st A Force More Powerful, E. Horstmann PLAY
March 25th Practicing Our Faith: With Defining Moments, E. Horstmann PLAY
March 18th Practicing Our Faith: Forgiveness PLAY
March 11th Practicing Our Faith: With Defiant Prayers PLAY
March 4th Practicing Our Faith: Service, D. Haugh PLAY
February 18th Practicing Our Faith: By Making Peace, E. Horstmann PLAY
February 11th Practicing Our Faith: Images of Hospitality, D. Haugh PLAY
February 4th Practicing Our Faith: By Keeping the Sabbath, E. Horstmann PLAY
January 28th Practicing Our Faith: Reclaiming Worship, D. Haugh PLAY