Sabbatical 2018: April 30 to August 30

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Wisdom for the Ages: The Parables of Jesus
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Wisdom for the Ages: Stories and Sayings from the Ancients

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The Rev. Ed Horstmann's Sabbatical Plans

The practice of setting aside one day a week, a Sabbath, for the replenishment of human energies and life with God, is an ancient discipline (the Hebrew word, sabat, means rest). In the world of the church, a sabbatical is an opportunity for pastors to enjoy an extended time of rest and study leading to personal renewal and the development of fresh vision. For the congregation the sabbatical can be an opportunity to invite additional voices to the pulpit, to engage the congregation in worship and pastoral leadership, and to extend greater leadership opportunities to the members of the pastoral staff. As I complete my first five years at Round Hill, my goals and plans for my sabbatical, extending from April 30 to August 30, are as follows.


  • To return well-rested and refreshed for the work of serving a growing and vibrant congregation
  • To return with the practice of making art on a daily basis
  • To return with an improved ability to read ancient scriptures in their original languages


The theme is “In Other Words: Meeting the Divine in Visual Art and Ancient Languages.” I would like to develop a conversation with artistic images and Biblical Greek and Hebrew in order to help me encounter sacred texts in unfamiliar ways. I plan to use art to interpret and express my response to biblical stories. I plan to use the art of translation to help me hear fresh nuances in biblical stories with which I have become overly familiar. Through creativity and translation, I hope to encounter anew the Energy of Life that animates the human imagination and inspires us to tell stories that provide meaning and direction for our lives.

But more than anything I look forward to a time of rest, renewal, and reflection that can energize me for a new season of ministry at Round Hill Community Church.

Yours in Christ, Ed