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On Sunday mornings, Round Hill Youth meet in the Community House for Youth Fellowship and the Echo the Story curriculum. – read more

There are several opportunities for youth to be involved at Round Hill. Pastor Dan Haugh leads the Youth Group and other activities with middle and high school students.

The common thread is by being together and engaging in healthy, faith-based activities, the students build strong bonds with each other and benefit from the mentoring of Dan and other adult volunteers.


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We meet in the Community House in newly renovated rooms. Once a month, on Friday Night Live, we use all the rooms but other times, middle or high school students meet in their own spaces. There is also an opportunity for students to meet in the rooms during the week after school. For more information, contact Dan Haugh.

Here are some shots of the spaces we meet in.

Community Confirmation Program

In a recent article in the New York Times about the increase of severe anxiety in American teens, the author looks at how parents, therapists, and schools are struggling to find the best way to help anxious teenagers either by protecting them or pushing them to face their fears. At Round Hill Community Church, we care deeply about the health and wellness of teenagers, and believe that a strong sense of community, meaningful service to others, and a flourishing faith can be helpful and hopeful to adolescents at this important, and sometimes confusing, time in their lives.
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