Round Hill Reads

Compassion is at the heart of a faith that strives to be a force for good and it wears many faces. The Round Hill Reads book club will re-explore Karen Armstrong's book, "Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life." Taking as her starting point the teachings of the great world religions, Karen Armstrong demonstrates in twelve practical steps how we can bring compassion to the forefront of our lives. Armstrong argues that compassion is inseparable from humanity, and by transcending the limitations of selfishness on a daily basis we will not only make a difference in the world but also lead happier, more fulfilled, lives. Several copies of the book have been ordered and are available for purchase from Diane's Bookstore, and can be found at other local bookstores and online retailers.

Book club meetings will be in-person, beginning Wednesday, September 29 at 1 p.m. at Coffee for Good, a nonprofit coffee shop whose primary mission is to improve the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by reducing the unemployment rate in that community. Coffee for Good is located at 48 Maple Ave. in central Greenwich. Future meetings will take place weekly, same time and same location, through Wednesday, October 27.  Please register here to join us!