RHCC Weekly Green Tips

At Round Hill Community Church, we pride ourselves on our commitment to caring for the planet and all of its inhabitants, and we understand that change begins with each of us! Click through below to see our catalog of environmentally-friendly suggestions and ideas which we have been sharing with our friends and members each week in the "This Week's Green Tip" section of the Church's weekly news E-blast since May 2019. 

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Weekly Green Tips:

Easy Ways to Save Water

Zero Waste

Plant a Tree!

Greener Ways of Getting Around

How to Properly Dispose of Household Waste

Fewer Deliveries - Less Waste

DIY Natural Bug Repellant

Staying Hydrated

Power Down

A Cleaner Cleaning Experience

Reusable Totes

To Grill or Not to Grill, THAT is the Question!

Paper Shredding 

Earth-friendly Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat

Why Carpool?

Town of Greenwich Recycling Programs

Stick it to Single-Serve


Bad Exfoliants

Put a Lid on It!

Going Green on Rally Day


LED Lighting and Climate Change

Creatively Reusing Crayons

Ear Swabs Are WHAT?!

Sweet Dreams to an Old Mattress

Nike Grind

Every Little Bit

Stacks and stacks . . . 

Your Yard Looks AH-mazing!

LED Christmas Lights

Creative Gift-wrapping

Green Gifting

Homemade Cleaning Products

Go Green on MLK Day!

Sayonara, Single-Use Straws!

Healthy Houseplants

Green is the New Red on Valentine's Day

Ice and Snow?

Love Our Planet a Latte

Be a Force for Good

Earth-friendly tips for Spring

Immune-boosting Foods

The New Normal

DIY Hand Sanitizer

How to Clean Your Produce During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Make a Mask

Give Blood

Mind Your Own Beeswax (Wraps!)

Keep Calm and Power Down

Be Inspired!

Do What You Can

An Environmentalist Walks Into a Bar . . . 

Make the Right Call

Chew On This


Invest in Sustainable Textiles

There's No Masking It

Keep Moving

Quit Your Idling

Reefs At Risk