We also have gained another perspective on this part of the world —  the life and conflicts here. We will read newspapers with more of an understanding as we've seen the places being written about and seen the faces of people living in these situations. My journey will continue when I return home as I intend to read more of the Bible, now with renewed interest. I also plan on reading the early historian who wrote about Israel and the Roman Empire. His name was Josephus Flavius. I also plan on reading the History of the Middle East by Bernard Lewis.

Most of all,perhaps, the best memory will be about the fantastic group of people who shared this journey. Everyone was caring, supportive, fun, and grateful to be on this journey. They will be friends forever. We were blessed with Hanna, our tour leader who was warm, knowledgeable and funny. We are very grateful for Dan's wonderful, patient, and enthusiastic leadership — for helping make this special trip a reality.