Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We, the Members of the Round Hill Community Church, a self-governing, non-denominational body, seek to foster a community of faith where people of all ages and backgrounds pursue spiritual growth; where God is worshiped in Word and praised in music; where friends are made and hurts are healed. We seek to be a community where individuals commit their time and resources to education, fellowship, and to helping those in need among our Church family and in the broader world. We are a church where faith, hope, justice and love are valued, and above all, Jesus is Lord.

Our Vision
We believe that Christian faith is a way of life that engages heart, mind, soul, and strength. The purpose of Round Hill Community Church is to provide the resources and opportunities to enjoy spiritual growth through worship, outreach, fellowship, and education. We seek to always be a force for good in the world.

Our Values
As a community of faith we:

  • Come together for worship. We delight in sermons, music, prayers, and acts of gratitude that give us the strength to love, the courage to reach out with care, and the wisdom to make choices that bring goodness to us and to others.

  • Live at the crossroads of faith and culture. We relish opportunities for learning about the most challenging questions of life guided by the stories of our faith.

  •  Support religious diversity. We follow in the way of Jesus and we encourage individuals to engage the stories and truths of varied faith traditions for personal and social transformation. We are free to follow the Spirit wherever it may lead.

  • Are a force for good. We care about the people in our community and seek to dedicate financial resources that improve their lives.

  • Are passionate in our care and concern for children and youth. We plan to create programs for children, youth, and young adults that will nurture them, and we will minister with them so that they can become the next generation of moral leaders. 

  • Care for our members at every stage of life. We encourage the practice of faith as a joyful adventure that engages people of all ages and is best carried out where all generations are active participants. We provide pastoral care and support for all during times of questioning, difficulty, and loss.