Les Beaux Arts Gallery

Visual Voices

by Randy Williams

February 7 - March 17, 2016

Randy Williams, agreat chronicler of life, memories and dreams, will exhibit his works on paper at Les Beaux Arts Gallery in honor of Black History month. Williams' words are as poetic as his work: "The eye looks out at the world and the eye pulls images into the mind. The brain process what it sees and relays that information to the hand. But before that information is relayed to the hand there is a brief sojourn to the heart. The heart warms the idea before the hand finds a surface to deposit an image onto. The head, the heart, and the hand are equally responsible for aesthetic mysteries.  What drives me, as an artist is the layering of these ever-expanding mysteries. I want to create images that are complete, yet my images are incomplete because life is incomplete and the mysteries are forever unfolding.