Les Beaux Arts Gallery

Each month Les Beaux Arts Gallery exhibits artwork of a local artist, thanks to the vision and hard work of Gallery Curator Mirella Hajjar. The Gallery is located in the hallway directly through the Sanctuary and is open Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., closed Saturday.

Current Exhibit

Aux Quatre Coins Du Monde
Sunday, December 2, through January 11, 2019

Our dear French-American artist Anne Strasberg will be showing her latest paintings for the holiday season. Strasberg’s infectious joie de vivre radiates throughout her paintings. She gets her inspiration from her numerous travels and in every painting there is a story to tell; it invites the viewer to participate and have fun with it. Strasberg mixes her own colors and applies them in layers of solid forms. Born and raised in Paris, Strasberg spends her time between New York and France. Her work has been exhibited throughout the world and is used for UNICEF Christmas cards and calendars.

Previous Exhibits

Fair Play
Sept. 9 - Oct. 18, 2018

Mike and Sally Harris have developed a passion for cultural photography.  Over the past several years, they have traveled around the U.S. and abroad capturing the essence of a place by photographing people in their daily lives. Photographing fairs has become an annual occurrence. For Mike and Sally, summer isn’t complete without a visit to a fair or two.  Whether it’s a small-town carnival or a county fair — they love to spend hours photographing kids and adults alike on the rides, playing at the game booths, or competing for a ribbon with their animals or baked goods. At night the lights from the rides create a kaleidoscope of color. Inside the barns, there is tremendous pride seen in the faces of the young men and women who show their prized animals. “Fair Play” is a collection of some of their favorite images from fairs near and far.

The Harrises are active members of the Stamford Photography Club. They have exhibited in numerous shows, particularly around Fairfield County, and enjoy presenting photo essays to various groups such as RMA, Rotary Clubs, Greenwich Country Club, Edgehill Retirement Community, and At Home in Greenwich. 


August 2018

For the second year, Gallery Curator Mirella Hajjar invited members and friends to submit artwork to be exhibited over the summer. Please visit the Gallery to see works by Sara Savov, Marialiisa Pettengill, Suzy Simpson, Ed Horstmann, Ann Flinn, Heather Sandifer Lawrence Sterne, and Louise Hoffman. Many of the pieces are available to purchase.








Kazumasa Oda, A Journey Through Art  May 27 through June 29, 2018

Oda's work has been exhibited in Tokyo and in various local shows in Connecticut. He received numerous first prize awards in art shows.

Rob Pajer, Life and Nature

April 15- May 26, 2018

Pajer emphasizes the intimate connection to people in his portraits who are depicted in a meditative state leaving the narrative to the viewer. His nature scenes are depicted in the same vein, serene and calm.



An American Master: The Painting Collection of Emilio Grossi

A true American art modernist, the late Emilio Grossi, loved precision, color harmony and control of execution. His work is the product of his studies with color theory artist Josef Albers and architectural design training with I.M. Pei.

Human Rights through the Eyes of Students 
January 21 through February 28, 2018
Read an interview with Mirella Hajjar about the exhibit

Exceptional works of art created by Greenwich Academy and Brunswick upper school students will be featured at Les Beaux Arts Gallery beginning this Sunday. Present a theme on human rights to young people and a whole new world unfolds in front of your eyes. Their unique vision and power of perception transcend all notions of adult creativity; their bold minds and driven intuition elevate the ordinary details of life to the extraordinary. The showcased art works are intense, passionate, and very personal. They are digitally produced prints with very diverse subjects, as each student draws on what mostly touches her or his heart.

June Greenspan, People and Places

June Greenspan, an award-winning photographer specializing in portrait imagery, will be featured at Les Beaux Arts Gallery opening Sunday, December 3, and running through January 17, 2018. Greenspan ran a Portrait Photography studio in Armonk for many years but now she devotes her time to traveling and pursuing her fine art work. Her experiences with all the different cultures and people she has met, combine to make the images she creates. In her own words, she discusses her artistic process: "My images are born of several photographs. I record what I see all around me and try to capture the mood, color and light of the scenes that grab me. My goal is to tell a story after recording many photos from an experience as I wander. I am an artist of the digital age but have a longing to translate my imagery in more traditional style as though crafted from an earlier age."

Joseph Fama, The Inner Soul-Capturing Nature's Wonders 

A nature lover and romantic landscape artist, Joseph Fama will be featured at Les Beaux Arts Gallery to complement the mesmerizing colors of the New England autumn.
The exhibit runs through Thursday, November 30.

Fama is master of natural light. "I am a visual translator expressing my feelings with color and brush strokes to move someone's heart,” he explains. He always starts with plein air color sketches and completes his oil painting in his studio. Like a hunter, he is on the lookout for picturesque scenes and he says that it is a challenge to capture nature with all its wondrous colors and subtleties of shade-dark and light. Fama attended Pratt Institute, School of Visual Arts, and is a member of the American Artist Professional League and Oil Painters of America. He exhibits extensively throughout the nation and he presently conducts private group art lessons.

Taras Borovyk, My Journey through Colors


Members' Exhibition


Dolores.R. Santoliquido: How I See It

Heather Sandifer: Of Two Minds, Monotypes and Abstracts


Fred Mason: Drawings and Paintings

Emilio Grossi: Photographs – James Brown on My Mind

Anne Strasberg: Naive-primitive Paintings

Hazel Jarvis: Terra Nova, Maps and Landscapes

Yukio Ishizuka: Positive Outlook

Richard Levine: Common Ground

Bob Seaver: Chinese Brush Painting

Robin Joyce Miller: Who Do You Say That I Am? A Man Called Jesus

Randy Williams: Visual Voices

Arto Szabo: Wild Serengeti