Legacy Giving

In 2007, Round Hill Community Church established a way for long-standing and committed members to leave a bequest toward the long-term fiscal health of the Church; it was called Rock of Ages. The members who pledged support feel a love for this church and greatly appreciate what it has contributed to their lives — a deep spirituality, intellectual and social, which has been meaningful in all kinds of ways to them and their families. Everyone agrees this church is a very special place.

The founding members of the Church were generous and forward thinking when they established an endowment and built a new church debt-free. Such generosity came from a spirit of community and a belief that the Church would benefit and nurture future generations.

With a Strategic Plan for Growth, established in 2015, we are once again looking to our future sustainability. We have developed four strategies to ensure our longtime viability, one of which is to secure the Church’s fiscal health. In order to implement these strategies, which are clearly working, we have had to “borrow” funds from the endowment, but would like to begin to build that account back up.

We have renamed our planned giving group the Round Hill Circle and invite you to be a part of this group who are helping to make Round Hill strong for years to come. Contact the Church Office for more information.