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February 2020: With Faith and a Little Math

May 2019: It's Easter Time Yet Again

March 2019: What If?

February 2019: Faith in the Plural

January 2019: God Comes at Us Fast

December 2018: Round Hill Celebrates the Advent Season

October 2018: Rhythm Recovery

April 2018: The Fingerprints of God

January 2018: Greater Things

October 2017: Encore! Encore!

August 2017: Time for Response-ability

June 2017: The Power of the Pause

April 2017: Tough Minds, Tender Hearts

February 2017: Welcome Home

October 2016: Generosity: It's Good for Your Heart

September 2016:  Meet for Coffee, Change the World

July 2016: Lots of Love, Lola