Flower Arranging

Would you like to do some flower arranging to complement our time of worship? It is fun and relaxing on a Saturday morning. If you have never done any arranging but would like to learn, we can pair you with a more experienced partner to get you started. There are also some procedure packets in the Flower Room, which include sample pictures. We hold workshops and demonstrations throughout the year. Please contact Suzy Simpson, for further information.  We would love to have you join us!

Flowers in the Sanctuary each Sunday morning are a communal focal point of calm and beauty, helping to ready our spirits for the more private contemplation we seek.  

We encourage you to use this opportunity to dedicate/commemorate/memorialize someone special in your life by selecting a Sunday and making a contribution for the occasion.

Flowers for a single Sunday — a pair of arrangements in the Sanctuary, a simple bouquet for the Parlor table during coffee hour, and a blossom or two for the entryway to welcome the congregation on Sunday morning — usually cost between $125 and $175, if arranged by the Flower Committee.

Please check with the Church Office for available Sundays, before you fill out the form, which is located throughout the church. Please specify the purpose of your gift and provide the wording you would like to use for placement in the Order of Service.

Thank you so much for contributing to our Sunday service by giving God’s gift of flowers, and sharing your talent for all to enjoy.