DAY 7 Reflections

Christina Rota: Where do I begin…hmm, well this experience thus far has been impactful, beyond belief. Today we were back to the grind working for our TACOS. We accomplished the foundation of the ... read more

John Castaneda: I came into this week knowing I would meet many children. I was not prepared to experience ... read more

Alison Kistler: It is our last full day in Oaxaca and I am overwhelmed with emotion and love. The words and thoughts that come to my mind are ... read more

Jesika Garay:  I apologize for not being able to start the first sentence without any cool hook but it is currently 11:39 pm and ... read more

Lauren Herrera: Today was our final full day in Oaxaca at the children’s home but what was just one day has carried me through countless ... read more

Dan Haugh: It is difficult to put into words the totality of my many experiences and emotions during our trip to Oaxaca, Mexico.  Hopefully, ... read more