Day 6 Reflections, Cont.

Roland, Cont.: ... authentic living.  We have had 4 of the most amazing days. All filled with no distraction. The students reflect every night of how they live each day in a sense of community. They speak of all the hugs, smiles, overwhelming joy and love but also in amazement of how responsible all the children are. Each child each morning wakes with a quiet joy and preparation for the day. Helping each other with breakfast and snacks. Their full attention to the moment at hand. Before I had left, someone shared an affirmation from the bible with me that read,

             “This is the day GOD has given you, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

It’s like this oozes from these young children each morning and wraps our students in the presence of the holy spirit. And that’s just how our days start. No one wants to leave. We wake to the sound of roosters, bright sunshine, cool breezes , love and caring relationships wrapped in a sense of authentic purpose. We’ve all gone deeper, sharing our hearts, touching our souls and laughing. OHHHHH THE LAUGHING. You know the kind when it hurts and you can’t stop.

From the Day Dan and I met these students we heard and saw a deep authenticity within all of them and are now so proud of them all with how they see it even more deeply and share these feelings.  I could write 20 pages of the love I have seen and how the holy spirit within everyone has been flowering but instead I’ll leave you with with this last verse. Matthew 18:20

                 “For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them”

                                           There are 40 of us here so just imagine.