DAY 5 Reflections, Cont.

Gigi, Cont.: ... the girls stayed up until early in the morning playing cards and reminiscing on all the stories and jokes of the week, and we still managed to all wake up around 6:20 this morning and make the extra effort to go sit on the balcony so we could watch the sun come up. Yes, we may have incredibly annoyed everyone around us (sorry!) and we may have not gotten the proper amount of sleep that we should have (considering we worked yesterday building a foundation), but the (stifled) laughter and picture-perfect moments made it all ok.

Tina, Cont.: ... full of contrast as we moved from a more run down part that we had been used to seeing to multicolored streets full of laughter, music, and booming markets. We were given the goal of exploring an entire block market in under 30 minutes and like that we began. We all shopped around the market buying anything and everything for our family back home. Walking down the street we would see homeless and disabled people asking for money. Being able to go downtown and see how other unfortunate children and adults live like that on the roads just added to what we are learning this week. The more poverty we see the more we grow as we are exposed to more lifestyles, making us more and more grateful for our own lives back home. At home we would constantly be told how lucky we are or how grateful we should be compared to other people's lives. But you truly cannot fully comprehend and understand that idea until you see with your own eyes. Only then will you truly be grateful for your life. This idea has been growing through the whole week, but today it grew even more as we were exposed to more than just the children's home.