Day 5 - Masada

When the Romans conquered Israel they put a garrison in Masada and when the last revolt started in 66 A.D. the Sacarii (zealots) led by Eleanor Ben Ya’ir killed them and took the fortress until their tragic end at the hands of the Roman general Vespasian. They killed each other rather than to surrender.

The site is magical. The warm hew of the stones speaks to you; they witnessed so much all these years and they are still standing defiant and proud. The sweeping view overlooking the Dead Sea is breathtaking. What an experience.

When I was walking on the grounds where the Jews killed themselves I felt a chill running in my spine, tears ran down my face (this trip has been a bit emotional). I knew the kind of despair these people felt, I remembered it from the time of the civil war in my country. History always repeats itself and we never learn our lesson.

In the end, you could say that the Sacarii sacrificed their lives for their beliefs and faith, but for me it is live free or die.