Day 4 Reflections, Cont.

Johny Carrera, cont.: ... I was in-charge of making slime; I had brought the supplies from home. While buying the supplies I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough for all the kids so I was already on edge leading up to the activity. After work and lunch it was time for the group activities. Mrs.Kistler helped me get all the cups and measuring cups and I brought down the supplies from my room. I was still nervous because the whole day many people were asking me if I had enough materials. It was my first time making slime so I wasn’t even sure what I was doing. I had gone online and got the instructions from a lady online. Many of my team members already had done slime so they wanted to help. They all had different variations on how they made slime so it was hard to pinpoint who to listen to. I let them help because they seemed to be better at making slime than I was. Slime consists of Glue, Shaving Cream, Saline Solution, and Baking soda. The saline solution was used to make sure that the slime wouldn't stick to the kids, the problem was when it added to much it would just reverse the effect and make it extremely sticky. Unfortunately, this is what happened. I was extremely anxious because that was one batch of slime wasted. I was already scared that the kids wouldn't have enough. I knew what the kids had gone through and the disappointment they had dealt with in their early lives, and our job was to distract them from it and make them smile. This is why I was anxious because my job was to make them smile and I had just added more disappointment in their life. With everyone screaming telling me how I did one thing wrong and then another thing wrong, make it impossible for me to stay calm. I decided that I wouldn't listen to anyone and just do exactly what the directions said. I proceeded to do that blocking out all the screaming telling me I was doing it wrong. After mixing the glue and shaving cream it started to look like slime, which was in stark contrast of the first batch. Everyone finally started to praise my slime. I had a sensory overload being angry, sad, anxious, nervous all for several days so I had a small meltdown exuding all my emotions at ounce. I was extremely happy because I had done it. I proceeded to hand out the slime to the kids. They were all so excited with the slime especially this one kid, Brian. Brian has trouble communicating and only really communicates with smiles and actions. I gave him the first batch of slime and he was extremely excited it was the first time I had seen him smile and I had been trying for days. That was one of the greatest moments of the trip so far and that will probably be the highlight of my week.