Day 3 – By the Sea of Galilee

Upon coming to shore, we visited the museum where a 2000-year old boat was on display after being delicately rescued from the mud. It was discovered in 2006, and it took ten years to examine, at the same time keeping it in stable condition.  As the mud was removed from around the find, decisions were made as to which chemicals to use on the 12 different woods used to build and patch the boat during its lifetime so many years ago. The team eventually decided to encase the boat in a form of polypropylene foam, which hardened around the form as the mud was carefully removed. Once encased, the boat was floated to a lift, and as the team held their collective breath, it was lifted onto a flatbed for transfer to a restoration site. It now sits beautifully preserved for all to see and be awed at the fact that this was the same type of boat in which Jesus made his journeys on the water.

The original surfaces upon which Jesus walked have been covered by centuries of dirt, but that does not take away from the fact that we were, and are, walking on “Holy” land and the “Holy” vibes are still there.