Day 3 – Magdala, Capernum

You can visualize desperate people lowering ill loved ones through the mud roof to reach the healer in the center. The sea of Galilee fills the background. The marketplace outside is marked with stone walls unearthed between market stalls. The lovely church recently built in front has an infinity pool and is dedicated to all the women, past, present and future, of the church, and the four side rooms are inlaid with lovely mosaics illustrating stories of women from the Bible. The front has a 1st-century-style wooden boat with a cross mast and a winding sheet sail. Jesus can be imagined off-shore on this vessel preaching to a large crowd on the shore.

Next, we traveled to where Jesus is believed to have delivered the Sermon on the Mount. There, Dan read some of the relevant passages as we joined in the Lord’s Prayer and explored the church and gardens. I loved the sandstone-carved fountain next to the passage written on stone saying "Let anyone who thirst come to me and drink."  On we traveled to Capernaum, where it is thought 60% of Jesus’ ministry took place. There we found a synagogue that was from Jesus’ time and it is likely he taught from the center stone. St. Peter’s house was under a 4th-century octagonal church, under a 5th-century octagonal church, and now preserved under a raised 20th-century church, where you can view down into the rectangular home of Peter. And that was the morning!