Day 3 – Capernaum

On our way back to our Kibbutz, Nof Ginosar, we took an unplanned side trip to the Golan Heights. We turned around approximately 4 kilometers from the Syrian border. The hills were lush and green after an unusually rainy spring. The weather is changing almost every hour — we encountered hail then heavy rains, followed by sunshine. 

After a lunch of “St. Peter’s fish,” whole fish from the Sea of Galilee, we embarked on a half-hour trip on a traditional open-air boat. As we pulled out, the crew raised the American flag and we sang the national anthem, followed by a lively rendition of the hora, the Jewish wedding dance. Everyone participated, clapping and stomping on the warped deck of the old boat.

Our last event of the day was a visit to the exhibit on the Kibbutz grounds of a 2,000-year-old fishing boat. It had been found nearby in the Sea of Galilee in 2006 by local fishermen, raised, and carefully restored over ten years. Its discovery and the collaborative efforts toward its restoration can be considered a modern miracle. As far as we know, it is the oldest fishing boat ever found, and it is stunning to think that Jesus might have preached from such a vessel.