Day 2 Reflections

Laysha Lucero: Last night I was exhausted. After taking my first ever airplane ride from New York to Texas and then to Mexico, I have to say it was definitely a ride. It was fun and I was not scared at all (surprisingly) It felt like the start of a rollercoaster. However the real rollercoaster was when we arrived to the airport ... read more

Victor F. Colin: This morning seemed like any other morning, still struggling to get up and ready. But when I went outside after getting all set up, I was met with the breathtaking rolling mountains that spread all across the distance every direction I looked in. The nice cool breeze with the warm sun just peaking over the mountains. The sounds of all different kinds of animals and the faded sounds of more

Victor A. Colin: This morning I woke up and prepared myself for the day ahead of me. Once I went outside I was met with a fresh breeze and the first thing I saw was a brightly lit landscape of the surrounding ranches around the children’s home. The air was crisp and cool and everything was silent except for the animals such as sheep, goats, and chickens that were being kept next to us. As more of us and more of the kids began to wake up, ... read more

John Carrera: Going to the park was one of the first real experiences we got with the children. Going to the park is a prize for the kids so they were already excited to go, but because we were there, they were that much more excited. It was really awesome seeing how happy they were to go to the park. It reminded me of ... read more

Sofia Garcia: We were all complete strangers, yet the children welcomed us with open arms. After breakfast and a few games, we were preparing to go to the park, to eat lunch and play for 5 hours :)) The minute I get on the bus I hear, ... read more

Gracen (Gigi) Barter: Las montañas y el perro   And as the dawn clears, another layer of the mountainscape appears … the late-night sparkle ... read more