Children's Worship - Messages, Lessons, and Links

April 5, Palm Sunday Worship Lesson and Links

Palm Sunday Leader Guide 1 of 4

Palm Sunday Leader Guide 2 of 4

Palm Sunday Leader Guide 3 of 4

Palm Sunday Leader Guide 4 of 4


Learner Guide Palm Sunday  1 of 2

Learner Guide Palm Sunday 2 of 2

Go into the village...and as you enter it you will find tied there a colt that has never been ridden. Untie it and bring it here...The Lord needs it. Luke 19:30-31

March 29th Children's Worship Lesson and Links

Dear Families and Friends of RHCC,

We begin our journey into Easter in children's ministries this week!  Below you will find a link to a short video that goes along with the attached "Maundy Thursday" curriculum.  The children will learn how one night went from good to bad for Jesus and his disciples and that God is always with us. For the craft you will need a pair of scissors, crayons, glue, some yarn or ribbon and a hole punch! No printer?  No problem!   The "Leader Guide" attachment includes some questions you can ask your children about the video and a "Discovery" section that only requires a little imagination.

Dear God, thank you for always saving room for us by your side!

Jesus said to his disciples, "I am deeply grieved...remain here, and stay awake with me." Matthew 26:38
March 17 - Go on a Leprechaun Hunt with Miss Jenny!