Carver Foundation of Norwalk

Round Hill Community Church awarded Carver a very generous grant for our after school program at the Classical Studies Magnet Academy (CSMA) in Bridgeport.

A member of the church and its Outreach Committee, Michael Sandifer, met with Novelette Peterkin to learn more about Carver and our methodologies and outcomes and how we measure them.  

Carver celebrates their mission and how this community is indeed a force for good! CSMA is a "themed" Pre-K to 8th grade public school in Bridgeport’s West Side neighborhood for more than 400 students. Its curriculum of classical literature, art and music utilizes the Paideia instructional methodology (traditional lecturing, coaching, and the Socratic method of extended discussion). Instruction is project-based, involving frequent assemblies, presentations and field trips. CSMA occupies a 123-year-old structure, the oldest school still in use by the district. The school also rents a nearby closed Catholic school for their Pre-K to 2nd grade students.

Last year, the Bridgeport Public Schools Board of Directors invited Carver to provide our after school programming to the students attending this school. Now in our second school year there, we could not be more proud and enthusiastic for the students and families who are the beneficiaries of the great talent and commitment of the CSMA teachers who deliver Carver’s programming, and for our benefactors such as Round Hill Community Church who make this important work possible.

The Outreach Committee of Round Hill has awarded a $5,000 Impact Grant to the Carver Foundation of Norwalk for its after-school program in 2020. Carver's mission is to close opportunity gaps for all vulnerable children and to ensure they graduate high school on time and college-ready. Founded in 1938, program expansion beyond the Carver Community Center began in 2008. Carver served 1,921 students in the 2018-2019 fiscal year and is serving 2,500 students in the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Carver provides after-school programs to low-income students in Norwalk and Bridgeport, addressing individual needs, social and cognitive development, and academic and career development, which all add up to educational success for students.

For more information on Carver, visit their website.