Called and Sent

Called and Sent: A Four-Part Bible Study

January 21: Take Off Your Shoes (Exodus 3:1-22)

February 25: A Voice in the Night (1 Samuel 3:1-4:1)

March 18: Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (Luke 1:26-58)

April 15: On the Road to Damascus (Acts 17:1-31)

Join us as we explore the lives of diverse characters in the Bible to gain a sense of how their struggles, accomplishments, and transformations may help us strengthen our own faith, increase our love for one another, and help us to be a force for good.

There are many stories in the Bible that reveal God as one who calls people to act in ways that represent God’s hopes and interests for the world. It is often the case that these individuals experience such encounters when they are not at all expecting them. Sometimes the call puts people at risk or asks them to take initiatives that seem well out of their theological comfort zones. But in all these stories there is a strong sense of being summoned and sent by a God who needs and looks for collaborators to fulfill divine plans and dreams.

From January through April we will use our gatherings on the third Sunday of each month (following worship from 11:30 to 12:30 in the Meeting Room) to explore four call stories in both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. In each instance we will determine how the person was summoned, for what reason, and whether or not they were empowered in any specific way to accomplish their mission. We will not cease our exploration with the biblical text, but will seek to create the space where we can be receptive to the call of God in our lives for just such a time as this.