2021 Giving

We are loved and are called upon to love others.

That we are loved and called upon to love others suggests the kind of place most people would like to have in their lives. Round Hill is that place partly because of your generous financial support that enables services and programs that speak to us, enlighten and educate us, and care for us across all ages and stages.

Just as important, at Round Hill we learn about the needs in the community and world around us, and have the opportunity to be of service to others, financially as well as through volunteer efforts. The needs and work at our church are ongoing. Our growing congregation is committed to responding to situations where we can make a difference.

It has been said that the money we give to the church is happy money since it comes from a place of generosity toward people who need it more than we do. Please review the information below and decide on a level of giving that is best for you.

We ask people to make a financial commitment so that we have better information for planning for the year, but we gratefully accept contributions any time you feel prepared to give them. You can also request giving envelopes to bring to the service for the offering plate. If you would like to make a commitment for 2021, please click here for instructions. This destination will also allow you to schedule online contributions. Once you commit, any undesignated contributions you make in 2021 will to towards your commitment amount.

Another way to pay online is with our Church app. Go to your app store and install The Church App (it’s free). Follow the instructions to make RHCC your default destination and then scroll down to “Give.”

Some people choose to donate by transferring stock. If you prefer this method, please contact the Church Office at 203-869-1091 for instructions.

Finally, please consider including Round Hill Community Church in your estate planning. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss and it is a wonderful way to ensure the future of the Church.

Thank you.