2016 Sermons



24  Lessons and Carols, E. Horstmann

18  Waging Peace, E. Horstmann

  4  A Home for God, E. Horstmann


27  Hospitality: Meditation, E. Horstmann

20  Hospitality: Mercy within Mercy within Mercy, E. Horstmann

13  Hospitality: The Root of All Goodness, E. Horstmann

6  Heritage and Hope, H. O'Malley, R. Kistler, M. Debnar, N. Mazzoli


30  Generosity: In Tune with the Grace of God!, E. Horstmann

23  Generosity: It's Good for Your Heart, E. Horstmann

16  Generosity: Another Word for Compassion, E. Horstmann

  2  Generosity: The Heart Has Its Reasons, E. Horstmann


25  Gratitude: Celebrating God's Gift to Creation, D. Haugh

18  Gratitude: The Heart of Prayer, E. Horstmann

11  Gratitude: Where Miracles Are Born, E. Horstmann


28  Prayer, Praise, Protest: All in the 23rd Psalm, E. Horstmann

21  Prayer, Praise, Protest: In Search of Wisdom, E. Horstmann

14  Prayer, Praise, Protest: Keep Hope Alive, D. Haugh

  7  Prayer, Praise, Protest: The Heart of Faith, E. Horstmann


31  Strangers in a Strange Land: The voice of Ecclesiastes, E. Horstmann

24  Stangers in a Strange Land, E. Horstmann

  3  Stangers in a Strange Land, E. Horstmann


26  The Kingdom of God Is Like . . . a Banquet, D. Haugh

19  The Kingdom of God Is Like . . . a Landowner, D. Haugh

12  The Kingdom of God Is Like . . ., D. Haugh

  5  Walk in Beauty, E. Horstmann


29  Back to the Future, E. Horstmann

22  Befriending Stress, H. Wright

15  The Essential Intangible, E. Horstmann

  8  Only the Beginning, D. Haugh

  1  Room Enough for Everyone, E. Horstmann


24  Ordinary Resurrections, E. Horstmann

17  The Beginning of Wisdom, E. Horstmann

10  Something Worth Waiting for, E. Horstmann

  3  In the Breaking of the Bread, D. Haugh


27  Alive, at Large and Not Resigned, E. Horstmann

20  Blessed?!  E. Horstmann

13  Finding Our Way Home . . . Again, E. Horstmann

6  The Other Side, E. Horstmann


28  Mercy within Mercy within Mercy, D. Haugh

21  The School of Prayer, E. Horstmann

14  The Things We Do for Love, E. Horstmann

  7  Sermon Dialogue: Simply Smiles and RHCC, E. Horstmann, D. Haugh, B. Nurnberger


31  Off to a Solitary Place: An Invitation to Rest with Jesus, M. James

17  The Church in the Power of the Spirit, E. Horstmann

10  A Good Receiver, E. Horstmann   

3  Conversation Starters, E. Horstmann