Women's Gathering













Women's Gatherings are held several times a year either as a Sunday brunch or Friday evening supper. They are a wonderful way for the women of the Church to get to know one another better, to form nurturing friendships, and to provide a forum for self expression and shared interests. Typically, a Church member gives a brief talk about her life experiences, which have included:

  • a trip to Iran
  • founding and managing an investment management firm while raising four children (including triplets)
  • a later-in-life interest and study of twelfth-century cathedrals in France
  • life as a television journalist and church minister

Women's Gatherings are a treasured tradition at RHCC, built on the happy collaboration of many members who serve as chefs, hostesses, setters and clearers, speakers, lively audience members, and the friendliest of friends.