August 13Lost and Found, Safe and Sound, E. Horstmann PLAY  
August 6Godly Play, E. Horstmann PLAY  
July 30Freedom to Be Yourself, D. Haugh PLAY  
July 23Give It a Rest!, E. Horstmann PLAY  
July 16What Freedom Makes Possible, E. Horstmann PLAY  
July 9Set Free, E. Horstmann PLAY  
July 2Freedom from What?, D. Haugh PLAY  
June 25The Bond of Friendship, D. Haugh PLAY  
June 18Friend and Father of Humankind, D. Haugh PLAY  
June 11Whatever Happened to Philia?, E. Horstmann PLAY  
June 4Friends for Life, E. Horstmann PLAY  
May 28A Leap of Moral Imagination, E. Horstmann PLAY  
May 21The Possibility of Imagination, D. Haugh PLAY  
April 30The Thing That Matters Most, E. Horstmann PLAY  
April 23For the Love of the World, D. Haugh PLAY  
April 16 EasterAlways Starting a Miracle, Ed Horstmann PLAY  
       April 9       Palm SundayA Public Service Announcement, Ed Horstmann              PLAY  

      April 2         Fifth Sunday Lent

 In the Name of Love, Ed Horstmann                PLAY  
March 26 Fourth Sunday LentStories of Humility, D. Haugh PLAY  
March 19  Third Sunday LentPlant Seeds, Move Mountains, E. Horstmann PLAY  

March 12 Second Sunday Lent

Imagination: A Conversation, D. Haugh & O. Bodkin PLAY  
      March 5      First Sunday LentIn All Humility, E. Horstmann PLAY  
February 26Improvisation: A Conversation, E. Horstmann and B. Wallace PLAY  
February 19Forever, and Ever and Ever and..., E. Horstmann PLAY  
February 5Goodbye, Someday, E. Horstmann PLAY  
January 29The Healing Power of Faith, D. Haugh PLAY  
January 22Glorious Impossibilities, E. Horstmann PLAY  
January 15The Power of Faith, E. Horstmann PLAY  
January 8The Faith Factor, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
January 1Faith: The First Step, D. Haugh PLAYPLAYREAD
December 25A Christmas Story, E. Horstmann   READ
December 24 Candlelight Service  PLAYPLAYREAD
December18Waging Peace, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
December 11 Best Christmas Pageant Ever   PLAYREAD
December 4  Second AdventA Home for God, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
November 27 First AdventMeditation, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAY READ
November 20Hospitality: Mercy within Mercy within Mercy, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
November 13Hospitality: The Root of All Goodness, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
November 6Heritage and Hope, H. O'Malley, R. Kistler, M.A. Debnar, N. MazzoliPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
October 30

Generosity: In Tune With the Grace of God!, E. Horstmann

October 23Generosity: It's Good for Your Heart, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
October 16Generosity: Another Word for Compassion, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
October 9The Power of Change, D. HaughPLAYPLAYPLAY READ
October 2Generosity: The Heart Has Its Reasons, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
September 25Gratitude: Celebrating God's Gifts to Creation, D. Haugh PLAY READ
September 18Gratitude: The Heart of Prayer, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
September 11Gratitude: Where Miracles Are Born, E. Horstmann PLAY READ
September 4Gratitude: Welcome to a State of Grace, E. Horstmann   READ
August 28Prayer, Praise and Protest: All in the 23rd Psalm, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
August 21Prayer, Praise, Protest: In Search of Wisdom, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
August 14Prayer, Praise, Protest: Keep Hope Alive, D. Haugh PLAYPLAYREAD
August 7Prayer, Praise, Protest: The Heart of Faith, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
July 31Strangers in a Strange Land: The Voice of Ecclesiastes, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
July 24Strangers in a Strange Land, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
July 17Stangers in a Stange Land: For Such a Time as This, E. Horstmann   READ
July 10Stranger in a Strange Land: The Story of Nicodemus, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
July 3Strangers in a Strange Land, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
June 26The Kingdom of God is like... a Banquet, D. Haugh PLAYPLAYREAD
June 19The Kingdom of God is like… a Landowner, D. Haugh PLAYPLAYREAD
June 12The Kingdom of God is Like..., D. Haugh PLAYPLAYREAD
June 5Walk in Beauty, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
May 29Back to the Future, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
May 22Befriending Stress, H. WrightPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD

May 15 Pentecost

The Essential Intangible, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
May 8 Confirmation SundayOnly the Beginning, D. HaughPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
May 1Room Enough for Everyone, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
April 24Ordinary Resurrections, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
April 17The Beginning of Wisdom, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
April 10Something Worth Waiting For, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
April 3In the Breaking of the Bread, D. HaughPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
March 27  Easter SundayAlive, At Large and Not Resigned, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
March 20  Palm SundayBlessed?!, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD

   March 13    Fifth Lent

Finding Our Way Home...Again, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
March 6  Fourth LentThe Other Side, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD

February 28  Third Lent

Mercy within mercy, within mercy, D. HaughPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
February 21 Second LentThe School of Prayer, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
February 14, First Lent

The Things We Do for Love,                     E. Horstmann

February 7, First SundaySimply Smiles & RHCC, B. NurnbergerPLAY, PLAYPLAYPLAY 
February 7Sermon Dialogue: Simply Smiles & RHCC, E. Horstmann, D. Haugh, B. NurnbergerPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
January 31Off to a Solitary Place: An Invitation to Rest with Jesus, M. JamesPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
January 24Informal worship due to snow storm    
January 17

The Church in the Power of the Spirit, E. Horstmann

January 10A Good Receiver, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD

January 3

First Sunday

What Doors to Hope We Can Open?, E. Horstmann PLAY  
January 3Conversation Starters, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
December 27What Are We Waiting For?, D. Haugh   READ

December 24

Candlelight Service of Lessons & Carols

Come Darkness, Come Light, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
December 24Family Christmas Eve ServicePLAY PLAYREAD
December 20"The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!"PAGEANT PLAYREAD
December 13Isn't It Time?, E. Horstmann [Our apologies: We are experiencing technical difficulties w/ the recording]   READ
December 6, First SundayLiving in the Light, E. Horstmann PLAY  
December 6, 2nd AdventA Little Shocked...but Undaunted, E. Horstmann   READ
November 29, First AdventWe Are Stronger Than That, E. Horstmann [Our apologies: We are experiencing technical difficulties w/ the recording]   READ

November 22

Music Sunday

A Celebration of American Life  PLAYREAD
November 15An Unlikely Family Renunion, D. HaughPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
November 8Good Enough, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD

November 1

First Sundays at Round Hill

4:00 p.m.

"First Sundays at Round Hill" are a contemporary worship service followed by a simple supper. They take place the first Sunday of each month at 4 p.m.  PLAY 
November 1Blessed Beginnings: Now For the Future, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
October 25Blessed Beginnings...For a Whole New Day, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
October 18A Promising Dream, D. HaughPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
October 11Blessed Beginnings, a Second Time Around, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD

October 4

Insatllation Service for The Rev. Dan Haugh

Stagger Not, S. Herr PLAYPLAYREAD
September 27Blessed Beginnings...For All Ages, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
September 13Blessed Beginnings: Let There be Light!, E.Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
August 30People of the Book: Caleb, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
August 23People of the Book: The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
August 16People of the Book: Shiphrah and Puah, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
August 9People of the Book: Elijah and the Angel, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
August 2People of the Book: David and Goliath, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
July 2606831 + 57652 = ?, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
July 19We Share The Same Spirit, F. Basler PLAYPLAYREAD
July 12A Curious Faith, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
July 5A Service of Poetry & Music, B. Herrick  PLAYREAD
June 28Tennis Balls and Rice, D. Halley PLAYPLAYREAD
June 21The Webwork of Wonder, S. Townsley PLAYPLAYREAD
June 14Imagination at Play, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
June 7And Yet...E. Horstmann   READ
May 31And This Was Just the Beginning, E. Horstmann   READ
May 24, PentecostSomething Peculiar and Mighty, E. Horstmann   READ
May 17Bodybuilding for the Common Good, E. Horstmann   READ
May 10What Wondrous Love is This?, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
May 3Will Our Faith Have Children?, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
April 26The Psalm of Psalms, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
April 19Who We're With, J. MorganPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
April 12Easter Gifts, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
April 5, EasterSpecializing in the Impossible, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
April 2, Maundy ThursdayService of Tenebrae   READ
March 31Celebrate Oneness: An Interfaith, Interracial Gathering  PLAYREAD
March 29, Palm SundayUnarmed and Dangerous, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
March 22The Drama of the Word, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
March 15The Great Miracle, R. AhlbergPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
March 8Rites of Life, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
March 1Two Faces of Courage, E. Horstmann   READ
February 22Standing Up by Sitting Down, E. Horstmann   READ
February 15Why Not Double?, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
February 8The Search for the Beloved Community, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
February 1The Power of Love to Transform, D. PurdyPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
January 11And the Heavens Opened, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
December 24, 9:30 p.m.  PLAYPLAYREAD
December 7, Messiah SundayGood News to Tell, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
November 9

Calling All Prophets...To Take Response - Ability,  E. Horstmann

November 2Calling All Prophets...To Turn Aside...for God's Sake! E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
October 26Calling All Prophets! Blessed to Be a Blessing, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
October 19 Inspirica SundayCalling All Prophets! E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
October 12Calling All Prophets! High Energy Holiness, L. Kramer   READ

October 5

World Communion Sunday

Calling all care for Creation, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
September 28 Animal Blessing Blessed, E. Horstmann   READ
September 21Yudisthira at Heaven's
Gate: A Tale from the Mahabharata
,Odds Bodkin
September 14Calling All Prophets! Including Jonah, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
September 7 Rally Sunday!Calling All Prophets! From Vision to Action with Micah, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
August 31Interstates and Blue Highways: Making Friends for Good, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
August 24Interstates and Blue Highways: Fast Times, Slow Church, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
August 17Interstates and Blue Highways: Lost and Found, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
August 10Interstates and Blue Highways:  06831 + 57652 = ?, E. Horstmann
August 3Interstates and Blue Highways: The Sound of Silence, L. Kramer PLAYPLAYREAD
July 27Interstates and Blue Highways: Ordinary Time, L. Kramer PLAYPLAYREAD
July 20Interstates and Blue Highways: The Strength to Accompany, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
July 13Interstates and Blue Highways: A Divine Cover-up, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
July 6Interstates and Blue Highways: Free to Be, L. Kramer PLAYPLAYREAD
June 29Interstates and Blue Highways:  Sacred Truths, L. Kramer PLAY READ
June 22Interstates and Blue Highways: Unwrapping the Gift of Sabbath, E. Horstmann   READ
June 15Interstates and Blue Highways: The Dream of Joel, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
June 8, PentecostExpect the Unexpected, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
June 1Body Building, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
May 25Present With Us, L. KramerPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
May 18Music SundayPLAY PLAYREAD
May 11Something Well Worth Repeating, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
May 5Something Amazing in Familiar  Places, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
April 27Coming to Believe, L. KramerPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
April 20 EASTERRoll Back the Stone!, E. HorstmannPLAYPLAYPLAYREAD
April 13            Palm SundayA Chorus of Stones, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
April 6 5th LentThe Parable of the Prodigal Son,               E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
March 30 4th LentThe Parable of the Dishonest Manager, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
March 23 3rd LentThe Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard, L. Kramer PLAYPLAYREAD
March 16 2nd LentThe Parable of the Good Samaritan, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
March 9   1st LentThe Parable of the Great Banquet, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
March 5                Ash WednesdayE. Horstmann   READ
March 2Many Things in Parables, E. Horstmann   READ
February 23Soli Deo Gloria, L. Kramer PLAY READ
February 16Grace in the Heart of Winter,                     E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
February 9Shine On!, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
February 2An Invitation, A Question, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
January 26Guest Preacher, Bryan Nurnberger of Simply Smiles PLAYPLAYREAD
January 19The Search for Beloved Community,        E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
January 12All In, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
January 5Where Do We Go From Here?, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD




December 29The Rest of the Story, L. Kramer PLAYPLAYREAD
December 24, 9:30 pm Candlelight ServiceA Service of Lessons and Carols, E. Horstmann   READ
December 24, 4:00 pm   Family ServiceA Spirited Christmas Story, L. Kramer   READ
December 22The Birth of Joseph, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
December 15The Best Christmas Pageant Ever  PLAYREAD
December 8It Began in the Backcountry, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
November 24Music Sunday   READ
November 17Keeping Faith Fresh, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
November 10Imagination at Play, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
November 3

By Grace, S. Jones,                                       Charge to Congregation, R. Ahlberg

A Service of Installation for                                  The Rev. Dr. Edward G. Horstmann

November 3Remember...and Live, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
October 27Prophetic Hospitality, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
October 20Now for the Future, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
October 13The Supreme Transaction, L. Kramer PLAYPLAYREAD
October 6  World Communion SundayA Little Food and High Hopes, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
September 29 Blessing of the AnimalsBlessed, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
September 22In Search of the BHAG, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
September 15Will Our Faith Have Children?, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD

September 8 Rally Sunday

Gateway to a New World, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
September 1The Best of Both Worlds, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
August 25Who or What to Believe? 101 - Part I, A. Keire PLAYPLAYREAD
August 18Behold the Dreamer, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
August 11Crossing the Border, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
August 4Evolving a Congregation,  E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
July 28Blessed Intrusions, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
July 21Losing Our Humanity?, A. Keire   READ
July 14Never Beyond Reach,  E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
July 7Set Free, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
June 30Preachers One and All, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
June 23

New Songs for a Pilgrim People, E. Horstmann

June 2Take, Bless, Break, Give, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAYREAD
May 26A Psalm For Every Season, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
May 19, Pentecost & ConfirmationOur Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
April 28Justice for All, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
April 21We Are Responsible, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
April 14One Last Word, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
April 7From a Dark Cocoon to a Butterfly's Flight,   J. Francek PLAYPLAY 
March 31, EasterEternal Life, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
March 24, Palm SundayRedeemer King, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
March 17, 5th Sunday LentAttention Please, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
March 10, 4th Sunday LentLost and Found, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
March 3, 3rd Sunday LentPower from Weakness, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
February 24, 2nd Sunday LentThe Main Thing, E. Horstmann PLAYPLAY 
February 17, 1st Sunday LentOpportunity Knocks, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
February 3Magic Penny, G. Huie PLAYPLAY 
January 27Partners in Christ's Service, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
January 20We Are Church Members, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
January 13A Name for Your Self, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
January 6, EpiphanyThe Wise Men, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
January 1Service and Sermon, F. Basler PLAYPLAY 
January 8Baptized by the Spirit, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
January 29Teaching with Authority, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
February 5The First Deacon, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
February 12Expect the Unexpected, G. Huie PLAYPLAY 
February 19Discerning the Will of God, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
February 26A Bow in the Clouds, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
March 4A New Heaven and a New Earth, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
March 11Ready to Forgive, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
March 18On Prayer, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
March 25I Am = God, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
April 8Christ is Risen!, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
April 15Don't Confuse a Bull Market for Brains, G. Huie PLAYPLAY 
April 22Reminders of God & Sources of Hope, R. Ahlberg PLAYPLAY 
April 29God is a River, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
May 6Who Do You Think Jesus Is?, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
May 13A Most Dangerous Sermon, D. MIller PLAYPLAY 
May 20Awful, Just Awful, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
May 27The Feast of Descipleship, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
June 3Sharing Silence, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
June 10Dancing Before the Lord, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
June 17Keeping Score, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
June 24Sabbath Rest, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
July 29The Rules of the Game, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
August 5A Title for All Generations, D.  Miller PLAYPLAY 
August 12We Are Members One of Another, F. Basler PLAYPLAY 
August 19Going for the Gold, H. Adams PLAYPLAY 
August 26Behind Closed Doors, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
September 2This Wild and Precious Life, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
September 9Threatened With Life, D. MIller PLAYPLAY 
September 16It's Your Serve, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
September 23...To Forgive, Divine, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
September 30, Blessing of the AnimalsThe Blessing of the Humans, S. White    
October 6God's Back, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
October 14Putting on a _____ Face, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
October 21Nothing is Ever Lost, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
October 28A Season of Generosity, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
November 11From Tragedy to Redemption, G. Huie PLAYPLAY 
November 18An Orgy of Fruitfulness, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
December 2,     Messiah SundayThe Days Are Coming, D. Miller    First Sunday of Advent PLAYPLAY 

December 9,     Pageant

Annual Christmas Pageant, Second Sunday of Advent  PLAY 
December 23Rejoice, D. Miller PLAYPLAY 
December 24, 9:30PMD. Miller PLAYPLAY 
December 30God's Family Album, D. Miller PLAYPLAY