The Rev. Dan Haugh

The Rev. Dan Haugh, Associate Pastor

Dan focuses on youth ministry, children, and families. Young, energetic, and enthusiastic, Dan has impressed all who have met him with his genuine commitment to youth advocacy and ministry. As he puts it, he has “witnessed the growing trend of teenagers becoming completely dissatisfied and disillusioned with traditional church . . . and traditional youth ministry models. . . .  I realize I cannot solve this issue, but my hope is to try to reinvent the way youth ministry has been done and attempt to bring not just the message of Jesus, but Jesus himself to this next generation of students.”

Dan’s responsibilities at RHCC include designing and leading innovative programs for children, youth and families, developing a Young Leaders Program, designing programs for the spiritual growth of parents, helping to develop a second service directed towards youth and families, and overseeing volunteer teachers in the Church School.

With over 14 years of experience, Dan has spent his career focused on youth ministry. He started in Bedford, NY, where he was a youth pastor for ten years, and most recently, he has spent four years at The American Church in Paris, where he served as Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Adults. He also currently serves as the Director of Global Development for a humanitarian NGO, Orchids of Light.