Benevolence and Outreach serves to be a faithful catalyst within the Church and the community to foster and nourish projects and individuals that raise the social awareness of the congregation and improve the human life condition through quality, impact-targeted giving and personal involvement of our members. Our primary focus is our community, but we recognize we live in a global village.

The ability to make a positive difference in the life of another person is both a privilege and a responsibility. We have given money directly to: a family who recently had a fire and needed new clothes for their four children; a single parent who must pay a gas bill or be evicted from her home; a child who wakes up Christmas morning with presents to open from the Angel Tree; or a man in Thailand needing a boat for fishing after the tsunami destroyed everything.

Benevolence and Outreach thoroughly researches the many applications it gets for assistance. We study these organizations, and then we measure the effect of our giving by doing follow-up research. We have had the opportunity to give to organizations starting up new educational programs both in Fairfield County and as far away as Namibia. We have helped programs reach out to children who need care after school and seniors needing care during the day. We have helped women who have been abused and adults who needed job training. We have helped feed hungry families and find shelter for homeless people.

The work of Benevolence and Outreach is rooted in the commitment of the RHCC faith community. It is the policy and practice of the Board of Trustees to assure that our church tithes in Christian service. Each year, about fourteen percent of our operating budget is distributed by this committee. Our outreach is next door and across the world.