Our Mission and Vision


Our Mission

We, the Members of the Round Hill Community Church, a self-governing, non-denominational body, seek to foster a community of faith where people of all ages and backgrounds pursue spiritual growth; where God is worshiped in Word and praised in music; where friends are made and hurts are healed. We seek to be a community where individuals commit their time and resources to education, fellowship, and to helping those in need among our Church family and in the broader world. We are a church where faith, hope, justice and love are valued, and above all, Jesus is Lord.


Round Hill Community Church
Strategic Plan for Growth    September 2015

Our Vision

We believe that Christian faith is a way of life that engages heart, mind, soul, and strength. The purpose of Round Hill Community Church is to provide the resources and opportunities to enjoy spiritual growth through worship, outreach, fellowship, and education. We seek to always be a force for good in the world.

Our Values

As a community of faith we:

Come together for worship. We delight in sermons, music, prayers, and acts of gratitude that give us the strength to love, the courage to reach out with care, and the wisdom to make choices that bring goodness to us and to others.
Live at the crossroads of faith and culture. We relish opportunities for learning about the most challenging questions of life guided by the stories of our faith.
Support religious diversity. We follow in the way of Jesus and we encourage individuals to engage the stories and truths of varied faith traditions for personal and social transformation. We are free to follow the Spirit wherever it may lead.

Are a force for good. We care about the people in our community and seek to dedicate financial resources that improve their lives.
Are passionate in our care and concern for children and youth. We plan to create programs for children, youth, and young adults that will nurture them, and we will minister with them so that they can become the next generation of moral leaders. 

Care for our members at every stage of life. We encourage the practice of faith as a joyful adventure that engages people of all ages and is best carried out where all generations are active participants. We provide pastoral care and support for all during times of questioning, difficulty, and loss.

Strategic Initiatives

These Strategic Initiatives are actions specific to Round Hill Community Church that we will take beginning next year to implement our stated vision and values. The proposals are not meant to replace our current programs and traditions, but rather to add alternatives that may appeal to new members as well as our existing community. We have focused on four goals that we believe will double our worship attendance and engagement in five years. The Executive Committee proposes that $600,000 of the Endowment be invested over the next three years to support this plan. The initiatives are measureable, achievable, and supportive of the Church vision. Once this plan is approved we will establish a timeline that incorporates these initiatives.

I.  Develop programs that appeal to people looking for a spiritual home and community at the crossroads of faith and culture.

    • Add a service of experiential and interactive worship by featuring music representing
     a wide variety of styles.

    • Through music, literature, films, and art, develop content that touches the human spirit
    and engages our faith in a discussion about the world we live in that will allow us to
    participate in conversations with one another and connect with the community.

    • Develop a signature adult education course that helps Church and community members
    realize ways to appreciate the fullness of life.

    • Give children and youth the tools and examples to inspire passion and experience a     flourishing life by offering them relationships built on unconditional love.

        • Expand the current Confirmation program to include youth from the community with a
         one-on-one mentoring component.

        • Create youth spaces on current Church property that can become creative, fun, and safe
         hubs of social interaction and educational experiences.

        • Partner with local youth groups for weekend retreats two times per year.

        • Offer frequent service-oriented volunteer opportunities for young families (e.g., food
         drive, clothes drive, walk-a-thon, etc.).
        • Enter into a partnership with Yale Center for Faith and Culture (Yale Divinity School)
         and their Youth Ministry Initiative, which explores best practices of youth ministry.

    • Care deeply for parents’ varied struggles and journeys during the important work of raising

        • Host leading experts in child psychology and education at community family forums.

        • Create a resource base for parents to explore and understand trending family issues and            common crises faced by today’s adolescents.

        • Hold a series of gatherings for parents to connect and develop mutually encouraging
         friendships with other parents in the community.

II.  Create a way of evaluating programs and initiatives based on clear criteria.

    • Institute an all-Church planning day for committees to share ideas and determine the work
    to be done to implement the Strategic Plan.

    • Have each committee submit a budget and annual plan of work that will support the
    Strategic Plan.

    • Have committees meet semiannually with the Executive Committee to review their
    programs and progress.

III.  Use Outreach funds to support the vision of Round Hill Community Church.

    • Use Leadership Grants, which are one third of the Outreach budget, to provide seed money
    for programs that will foster transformative change in the community.

    • Use one third of the budget for programs impacting children and youth in our community
    in support of the Church’s youth ministry initiatives.

    • Use one third of the budget to continue to support local organizations that align with the
     Church mission.

    • If an exception to these points needs to be made, the Outreach Committee will present to the     Board for consent.

    • Organize an annual Mission Fair to introduce the congregation to local organizations and
     needs in the community.

IV.  Secure Round Hill Community Church’s long-term fiscal health.
    • Launch an educational program on Christian stewardship designed to increase financial
    support so that the congregation’s annual giving supports 60% of operating costs.

    • Use approximately $600,000 of the endowment (including Mayer Education and Music
    Enrichment designated funds) to support the Strategic Plan.

     • Conduct an audit of the integrity of our buildings and dedicate necessary funds.

Staff Configuration

Senior Minister (FT)

Communications (PT)    Associate Minister (FT)    Administrator(FT)
                                                            Minister of Music (PT)    Assistant Administrator (PT)
        Sexton (FT)
        Groundskeeper (PT)