Music at Round Hill


The celebration of music is an integral part of the worship experience at Round Hill. Our adult choir is enhanced by professional soloists who work alongside Church members to create remarkable music. Anthems are selected from the entire history of sacred music, from earliest hyms to the more contemporary pieces. Special recitals and concerts, often with instrumental accompaniment, are given throughout the year. Experienced choristers are always welcome in the choir. The Round Hill Quartet serve as the leaders for each section of the choir, and give occasional concerts on Friday evenings. For information contact the Church Office.

Sing with us!
Reharsals are Thursday evenings from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. 


Available for a limited time: A Musical Feast, Recording 

CD's of A Musical Feast will be available for sale ONLY through October 28, 2016. Be sure to order yours TODAY!  We will notify you when they arrive and you can pick it up at the Office.

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