Madison Heath


Madison Heath grew up at Round Hill Community Church attending Church School and was confirmed in 2011. She has been a member of the adult choir, directed the Christmas Pageant, and currently assists in Church School. Madison is a junior at Westhill High School in Stamford.

You have continued your involvement at RHCC into your high school years. What is it about the Church that makes you want to get up early on Sunday mornings?
Getting up early is hard but coming to Church every Sunday is very important to me. The world is so busy, with so many events and activities and tests to take, it’s nice to have a place to slow down for a while — especially during my junior year when my friends and family are all frantic planning for college.

Was the confirmation process a meaningful one for you?
Yes, most definitely. In Sunday School we learned about God and the Bible, but I never explored my own faith and how God was present in my life. Confirmation really helped me decide my position on God.

What was it like directing the Christmas Pageant?
The Christmas Pageant was a blast! The kids were very excited and cooperative; I think they had fun. It was a new experience, editing the script to fit the kids we had and making sure they knew where they had to be and when. Since I’ve been in the Pageant every year since first grade, I felt confident that I knew it well enough to do it. Though it was daunting, I was excited, and once I told the kids what to do, they made it happen.   


You are beginning to help out in the Church School. How’s that going?
It’s a lot of fun. I am assisting Connie with the lessons and trying to come up with new ideas for Sunday School. It’s interesting planning activities and seeing how the kids respond to them.

You are joining the group going to South Dakota this summer to work at the Cheyenne River Reservation with Simply Smiles; why did you decide to go on the trip?
Nonprofit and Humanitarian work is actually what I think I want to do as a profession. I like helping people and working on community projects. This trip is a great opportunity to test my limits and work somewhere besides Connecticut. I am very excited to go and help the people on the reservation.