Jenny and Manit Rye



Jenny is a member of the Music and Benevolence and Outreach Committees, and Manit serves on the Center for Faith Development Committee as well as the Strategic Planning Task Force, with a concentration on Benevolence and Outreach. They have two children, Arman and Sonali, who went through the Church School program and were confirmed as members of Round Hill Community Church.


When did you start attending services at Round Hill Community Church and what brought you here?
Jenny: We started attending in the summer of 2004 — we were invited by Kerri Ann Hofer. I joined the church because I found tolerance and acceptance at Round Hill, qualities that I had personally not previously experienced in Christianity.

Manit: For me, it was the diversity and the openmindedness of the members.  

What is it that keeps you involved with the Church?
Jenny: The people. Neither of us have family here, so the church has really become our extended family.
Manit: I’ve become more spiritually enriched, and had the chance to get to know who I am as a person, the inside me. And I value my relationships with other members and the minister. They are like my family.

How would you describe Round Hill Community Church to someone who has never visited and why would it be worth a visit?
Jenny: Our church is a welcoming, warm, and inclusive environment that encourages fellowship and spiritual development through worship, conversation, and learning.
Manit: The diversity of the members, the interdenominational service, the emphasis on spirituality rather than rituals, and our Pastor make RHCC a special place to worship.


You both have a connection to the Outreach efforts of the Church. And Jenny and Sonali are making the trip to South Dakota with Simply Smiles this summer. Why are these efforts important to you?
Jenny: I have been privileged and honored to serve on the Outreach Committee. Learning about the incredible organizations in our community and abroad that we as a church donate to has been an excellent learning experience for me, and has led us both to some great volunteer opportunities. Sonali and I are looking forward to the trip to South Dakota this summer in order to give what we can to the community of the Lakota People, and also to enrich our own lives. I hope our church can continue to be a part of this vital organization.
Manit: Volunteer work is very dear to my heart. Outreach efforts allow me to share my experiences and financial resources to assist people who are less fortunate than we are.

How has your participation at Round Hill helped to encourage your spiritual growth and helped you to become more aware of God’s presence in your lives?
Jenny: I feel my spiritual growth has increased by observing the time and dedication so many members have put into the church and community. I am time and time again humbled by the works of so many of our members.
Manit: I have learned a great deal from the sermons of the pastor and from discussions with other members. I use this information to be more aware of my inner feelings and to be able to manage my feelings in a more organized way. And some of the outcomes which cannot be managed I leave to the higher power to best take care of the situations as It deems fit.