Growing in Faith: LEARN LIKE SHARE

Growing in Faith: A Life Worth Living

As we embark on our yearlong journey of Faith Formation, A Life Worth Living, we invite you to extend and enhance your growth by availing of the tools we have made available to you.


  •  Sunday sermons – Each week the sermon will explore one aspect of the current theme.
  • Website – The yearlong Faith Formation curriculum, sermons, scriptures, resources, links, videos, and more are uploaded. (Perfect for those who like to learn at their own pace and refresh their learning periodically)


  • Facebook – Join the RHCC Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook icon on our website and then click the Like button. Each week we will be uploading videos and additional resources to our Facebook page. This platform makes it easy to share your experience with your community of friends.


  • Email – You will receive a monthly email snapshot of the current theme. If you like what you are learning, forward the email to your circle of friends and family. Let’s start a dialogue.

As we grow in Faith together by listening to sermons, watching videos, and reading scripture, we encourage one and all to share your experience and spread the word.

Round Hill Community Church needs your help to GROW.