Grada Fischer Herrick





Grada Herrick is the chairperson of the Membership Committee at Round Hill Community Church. She is married to Bill Herrick, who is a Charter Trustee and also serves on the Communications Committee.


For how long have you been a member of RHCC and what brought you here?
Bill and I joined our church in 2008. We had just moved to Greenwich from New York City, where we lived for 20 years. Our friend and neighbor Marilyn Hammond introduced us to the Church and invited us to join her at various events. We were quite impressed by the warm welcome we received! We were also inspired by the cultural activities that the church provided, especially the beautiful music, art exhibits, and educational forums.

Why did you decide to become a member of this Church?
I was born in The Netherlands, where my family’s open and inclusive culture was part of my upbringing, so the interdenominational aspect of the Church appealed to me. I also found the architecture of the Church to be beautiful and spiritual. Finding a community of like-minded people was a real blessing for me, and I find comfort in being part of our Church family.

Are you involved in other activities or committees?
Yes, in addition to Membership, I organize the Thursday evening Meditation group and help with the Women’s Gatherings events and Beach Day.

As Membership Chair, what is your advice for greeting first-time visitors to Round Hill and making them feel comfortable?
Certainly a friendly “hello,” and engaging in a conversation about what brought them to our church. Asking them to join us in our coffee hour, and introducing them to our Pastors and other congregants will help them feel included and welcome. I always ask visitors if they would like to sign our guest registry, and if so, whether they would like to receive invitations to our upcoming events.