A Season of Generosity

Fall brings to most of us both a sense of hope for new adventures and nostalgia as another year passes. The theme for our Stewardship efforts this year shares this sentiment: Our founders were able to build the Church without debt, support a ministry and music program that formed a spiritual haven for backcountry families, and fund a modest endowment to ensure the Church’s financial security, a wonderful heritage indeed. Our hope is that we continue to build on that heritage for generations to come.

Today we are in a period of exciting transition and growth and have developed a Strategic Plan to keep us strong and relevant. A key initiative in the plan is to create an educational program on Christian stewardship that will increase pledges and donations so that our annual giving supports 60% of operating costs in the next five years. With more people joining our community of faith, that goal will become easier to achieve.
In the past year, we have seen the arrival of over 20 new young families attending Church servcies and events, increased participation and energy from our current members and friends, and a greater effort to reach out to all people in our community and other parts of the world. To keep this exciting momentum going, we count on the financial support of everyone who cares about the mission and ministries of Round Hill Community Church. Your support makes a profound difference in our faith community and to the people we serve.
Commitment Sunday is November 13. If you will be in Church, please bring your Pledge Card that day, or mail it to the Church Office, or click on the Donate button at the top of this page. We are grateful for your commitment to keeping Round Hill strong and relevant as a force for good in the world.
Why We Give