Dreamy Landscapes, Bonnell

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The dreamy landscapes of Deborah Pierce Bonnell will be exhibited at Les Beaux Arts Gallery in Greenwich, from Sunday, December 2, 2012 through Thursday, January 10, 2013. Bonnell has a feverish love of nature and it is her favorite subject to paint. She is a keen observer of the natural world, capturing colors, form, light and space. Her style is mainly traditional, however her latest paintings tend to have more patterns and abstraction. Some of her paintings are reminiscent of the French Fauves with their wild colors and stylized flat forms; the result is a vision of fancy.  There is a decorative element to her style that comes from her training as a textile designer.

Bonnell is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. She has worked as a graphic designer, textile designer, and art teacher. She has been working in fine arts since the 1990’s. She creates in different media including oil on canvas, watercolor, encaustic on panel and pastel. She is also an avid printer.

Bonnell has exhibited in many local galleries as well as galleries in New York City and Texas. She likes to work on commission and her paintings can be seen at deborahpiercebonnell.com