Church School


A child is not a vessel to be filled but a lamp to be lit.

Faith is a journey, and all grow in the wonder and joy of God’s abundant love and grace. Children are invited to join their parents in the Sanctuary for the first part of the service and the Children’s Message. After the Children’s Moments they are invited to the Church School classrooms. Youth who are eighth grade and older are encouraged to serve as Church School assistants. Please contact Connie Blunden, Church School Coordinator, if you are interested in helping in any way.

Topics and lessons are presented using the Workshop Rotation model of church school. Children are taught the same Bible story or concept for several weeks using different learning approaches in each workshop.The lessons are therefore reinforced each week, giving teachers and students opportunities to explore concepts more deeply and meaningfully. Workshops include art, storytelling, cooking, games, drama or puppets, science experiments, and movies. They are taught by teams of two to three adults who converse with the children as they engage in workshop activities. It is like a “knitting circle” where hands are busy while much conversation and learning are taking place. Occasional guest speakers and field trips enhance the children’s perspectives on faith and the Bible.

Childcare is available for infants and toddlers from 9:45 to 11:15 a.m., every Sunday and until noon on Forum Sundays. It is also available with a pre-reservation for all special events. Our childcare providers engage our littlest ones in story, play, and art, as well as providing loving care. Pagers are available for parents.