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As a self-governing church, we depend on a strong leadership consisting of an elected Board of Trustees, Officers of the Board, and Committee Chairs who are responsible for the smooth operation of our Church life. If you are interested in learning more about a committee or would like to become involved, please contact the Church Office for more information.

RHCC Committees

  • Benevolence and Outreach: Proposes, reviews, and evaluates organizations that the Church supports financially and in hands-on ways.     
  • Buildings and Grounds: Oversees maintenance of buildings and grounds of the Church campus.      
  • Center for Faith Development: Proposes, reviews, and evaluates activities and programs related to Christian Education for all ages.   
  • Children and Youth Christian Education: Supports efforts of Director of Christian Education to build the children’s and youth church programs by engaging parents and families in program design and related activities. 
  • Church Activities: Plans approximately five events a year that are meant to bring together the community.
  • Communications: Oversees all internal and external communications of the Church.   
  • Finance: Oversees finances and budget of the Church.   
  • Flowers: Coordinates arranging of flowers for Sunday services and special events.   
  • History: Catalogs historical documents and pictures pertaining to Round Hill Community Church.    
  • Human Resources: Handles employee relations at the Church.   
  • Investment: Maintains the investment of the Church Endowment and Pension funds.  
  • Les Beaux Arts Gallery: Organizes and displays exhibits of local artists in the main hallway.   
  • Membership: Reaches out to newcomers to town and our Church in an effort to welcome them as members.
  • Men’s Group: Provides opportunites for the men of the Church to meet for lectures and be engaged in Church activities.  
  • Music: Provides direction and support for the music program and the Minister of Music.  
  • Nominating: Identifies and proposes members to serve in positions of leadership in the Church.
  • Pastoral Relations: Serves as a liaison group between members of the congregation and the ministers.
  • Round Hill Cemetery Association: Maintains the Round Hill Cemetery with a group from First Church of Round Hill.   
  • Round Hill Community House: Deals with issues of rentals and maintenance of the Community House.   
  • Sanctuary: Preserves the beauty and general ambiance of the Sanctuary and adjacent areas used during the worship service.    
  • Stewardship: Develops an effective strategy to raise funds needed for the Church to function.   
  • Ushers: Enlists and trains volunteers to serve as greeters and ushers Sunday mornings.  
  • Women’s Gathering: Hosts events designed to bring the women of the Church together to get to know each other better.   
  • Worship: Oversees all aspects of the worship service with the ministers.