Beach Day!

11:00AM to 2:30PM

This year’s Beach Day is Wednesday, August 26 at Tod's Point. Beach Day is one of our favorite outreach days when two busloads of families from Little Sisters of the Assumption community center in East Harlem, come to Greenwich Point. Those who volunteer enjoy it almost as much as the families. Many of the children have never been to a beach or put their toes in water like ours. It is a wonderful community resource to share. Volunteers meet just past the concession stand at Tod’s Point. People come throughout the morning. The buses arrive mid-morning, children are given toys and families and volunteers meander toward the water for frolicking. A picnic lunch and dessert are served, followed by more play time, games, a hike to the Seaside Center, and socializing, before returning to the buses. It is a fun and meaningful experience for everyone. Click here to join in the fun!